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Michelin Tyres Brand in Pune :

Michelin came to India almost a decade ago and today markets its range of tubeless car radial, tubeless and tube type bus and truck radial tyres. These tyres produced for the Indian market contain the best Michelin technology and have carved a niche for themselves in the marketplace.

Today, Michelin tyres Pune offers Product for India Market for Passenger Cars, Truck & Bus, Two Wheeler & OTR (Off the Road)

A tyre in general is a balance of performances. It is not difficult to improve the tyre performance in one particular aspect. The real challenge is to improve at the same time, all the key performances.

Michelin tyres in Pune, therefore, are a blend of high performance, combining with no sacrifice.

The fundamental benefits of every Michelin tyres Pune:
safety, durability and energy efficiency.

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